My friends, you have found the first & only website based around everyone's favorite anti-vampire Reverend turned Gay Vampire American. May His Holy Light shine upon you!


12/8/13 Updated the Links page with Michael McMillian's official site and a couple of new fan fiction stories: Donations, Workplace Etiquette and Daytime Insomnia of the Undead by Yours Truely.
10/5/13 Added another piece of fan art from spankingfemfatale. (Thank you, spanking! :) ) Added links to fan fiction in my links section and created a new words section. For right now, it's mainly links to my recaps & essays on tumblr, but it's quite a bit of content.
9/25/13 New fan videos: All These Things That I've Done, True Blood - One Night in Bangkok & Newlin Blues. I've also added fan art in the form of an adorable Steve Newlin plush doll. And there's a special page devoted to Jeremy and his Steve Newlin cosplay!
8/30/13 Added another lovely piece of fan art from spankingfemfatale & the Steve Newlin Quotable card to the trading card gallery.
8/28/13 Updated the Blingee Shadows, MST3K Quotes and the trading card galleries for both Steve & Russell with new images.
8/26/13 Added another lovely to the fan art section.
8/25/13 Thanks to some talented artists, I've been able to gather together enough wonderful pieces to create fan art section for this site. Thank you so much, artists!

8/11/13 Sadly, it's true. Steve Newlin has met the True Death. While I'm upset with how they have treated the character this season, at least he's at peace now. Up in Heaven with his mother, father, stepmother, sister & Russell. True Blood will never be the same without you, Steve!

8/25/13 Thanks to some very talented artists, I've been able to gather some wonderful pieces together to make a fan art section for this site.
8/10/13 Very sad news, as the preview for tomorrow's episode of True Blood plainly reveals, Steve Newlin's time is up. :( But that doesn't mean this site will stop updating or go away anytime soon! New screen captures and gifs will come, the Steve Newlin's Field Guide to Vampires is due out in the Fall & Rittenhouse just released a bunch of new True Blood trading cards. Moreso, just because a character dies doesn't mean we stop loving them. Actually it means we have to give them extra love!
7/12/13 Look out New York Times Bestseller List, because Steve Newlin has a book coming out in November! In other news, I've finally added the screen captures for the season 6 episode, 'You're No Good,' along with biographies for both Russell Edgington and Steve.
6/17/13 The Russell Edgington Fanpage on facebook is holding a Steve Newlin Survial Giveaway contest! Visit their page & cast your vote to win a unique True Blood prize pack.
6/12/13 Lots of overdue updates done! Including over 50 new animations, new Blingees, new MST3K Quotes, Eric Nothman's Secret Past, updated video clips & my new fan video based on Season 3 Russell Edgington.
5/14/13 Added 7 new animations.
5/11/13 This site now has a Tumblr add on! Currently I"m doing a bit of on & off live blogging of season 2 with lots of screencaps, notes & observances. In Steve news, he appears in HBO's new season 6 trailer & the Inside True Blood blog also has a promotional picture of him.
4/16/13 Added some new animations, & the recipe for Light of Day Punch, courtesy of NewlinStevetb.tumblr.com.
3/24/13 Great news, Spoilertv.com has posted an audition video for the role of Governor Burrell and not only do we get the first peak at potential dialogue for the 6th season, Steve LIVES and is still active & working for the AVL! To celebrate, please enjoy some MST3K quotes added to scenes from True Blood.
3/20/13 Video page is updated with links to all of Steve's appearances up to season 5 & I've added 8 new animations.
3/7/13 Updated Video page with links to more clips.
2/20/13 Added MANY (didn't count, but it's more than 40) new animations, also got 2 new Blingee Bloods & updated the Video page with season 2 clips.
1/28/13 Added more links to the Video page, including the last of the Character Perspective ones & season 1 clips.
1/24/13 Updated the Videos page with links to 11 new Steve Newlin Steve Newlin Character Perspective uploaded onto this site's YouTube channel.
1/21/13 Added a link to my latest fan video/parody, Fake Blood 2 to Videos. Please check it out!
1/16/13 Updated Quotes, added trading card images to Pictures & the Russell Tribute page & some pictures of Magnetic Russell.
1/8/13 Updated the Pictures section & Russell Tribute page with some new additions.
1/7/13 Added more video links to the Russell Tribute & Videos pages.
1/7/13 Added the remaining screen captures to the Russell Tribute section.
1/6/13 Added the last 3 episode screen captures to the Pictures section.
1/5/13 Site is officially online! Please overlook any leftover bugs, I'm still working on things.

Did I misspell the name of my own website? That's always a possibility, but on this occasion, it's intentional. Fur Steve's Sake is actually a callback to the corny sticker displayed on Steve's dog carrier for werepup Emma.